Career Change: From Hesitating to Thriving!

June 23, 2021


Are you considering making a career change? Do you feel stuck professionally? Do you want to realign your career path with the life you wish you were living? Now is the time! Our upcoming webinar “Career Change: From Hesitating to Thriving!” will help you pursue a new fulfilling career path confidently. 


You will get professional guidance from Helen Hanison, Leadership Coach and Narrative Therapist on how to redesign your career. She will dive into everything you need to know to make a meaningful career change happen:

  • How to unpack your career needs: get the career clarity you crave and create a plan you are excited to act on.
  • How to identify what is holding you stuck to pivot a new career: detach from the false belief that there is only one true pathway.
  • How to make the change to a new path: master an agile career mindset, decrease the risk, and succeed in the transition!
  • Make sure to save the date! We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach a fulfilling career! Do not miss out and sign up now by filling out the form below.


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SPACES ARE LIMITED! There is no fee to attend this webinar. 


Event Details

  • Date: 22nd of June 2021
  • Time: 6 pm CEST/ 9 am PDT
  • Location: The comfort of your own chair, desk, kitchen, or wherever you will be!


Bonus Treats

Check out Helen's self-paced online course “Careering, on Purpose”, which she will introduce in the webinar. Sign up for the course to get further advice and learnings on the process of redesigning both your career and life. 

* The first 25 enrolled students will also get an invitation to the Live Group Coaching bonus “Ask Me Anything”.

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